Gestalt in Organizations



We support teams and organizations in their quest for sustainable transformation through exploring and developing their whole intelligence.

How it works?

We support you to create a safe and fertile atmosphere for difficult conversations. Within our Gestalt practice we use many other creative tools that allow to create space for effective and supportive interventions.

Some of interventions that can be used:

-Action Inquiry

-Open Space

-World Cafe

-Group Sculpting

-Systemic Mapping

-Empty Seat

-Creative writing





Through experimentation we invite individuals and teams to get a new perspective on their potential. Embracing more of who they are in order to become more of who they want to be.


Our coaching program is especially designed to provide participants with room for self-recognition in order to be able to  ignite transformative change within their clients and within themselves.

Whole Intelligence

Malcolm Parlett's concept of whole intelligence has been an inspiration to our team to support transformative and sustainable processes on all levels of the systems. With us you embark on a journey of 5 explorations.

Transformation through whole intelligence